Nexus Charters

Just come for the ride or join in with the crew... small groups of 3-6 ... Late May - early September Friday - Sunday

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Days and Hours of Operation:  Most Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays 3:30-7:30, late May - early September.

What about the Weather?  We like fair weather sailors but don't need to be since the boat is equipped with a full cockpit covering if rain showers (or if the sun is a bit excessive).  However, we aren't foolish sailors either, and if the weather is too rough we give at least an hour or two's notice and a full refund or full credit for rebooking later during your stay.

Is it safe?  We have over one hundred combined years sailing experience and most of our skippers have thousands of miles of offshore sailing miles in their wake.  We take safety very seriously.  However, anytime you are on a boat out on the water, there is risk that can result in loss of life, limb and/or property (hence one eyed and legged pirates).  Individuals who have physical or psychological limitations or challenges should consult with their doctor and our staff prior to reserving a cruise.  That said, our vessel is inspected annually by the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary to make sure we meet or exceed all requirements and our skippers operate under a United States Coast Guard license.

What should I wear?  Wear soft shoes with light colored soles.  No high heels, pumps, etc.  Bring a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses.  Dress informally and comfortably in layers so that you can adjust your clothing to your own comfort level based on the weather, which can change throughout the trip.  Bring a small bag for your extra clothing you don't need while the sun is out.  It gets cooler in the evening.

Can I bring alcohol or Drugs?  Only wine or beer is allowed onboard for personal consumption in moderate amounts (the skipper decides what moderation is - generally no more than three 12 oz. drinks over the course of a cruise).  No hard alcohol allowed.  Your safety and the safety of other guests is of paramount concern.  Marijuana is legal in Washington State, however once we leave the dock, the federal and international maritime laws apply and is not legal under those jurisdictions.  Therefore, marijuana and all other controlled substances are not allowed onboard at any time. Do not show up visibly under the influence of any substance (the skippers opinion is the only one that counts), as you will not be allowed to board and will not receive a refund.

So what's with the name?  Nexus - noun, plural, nexuses, nexus.  1. a means of connection; tie; link.  2. a connected series or group.  3.  the core or center, as a matter of situation. Nexus is about coming together.  Perhaps with your partner or with the natural beauty of Bellingham Bay.  The red X is like the mark on a treasure map.  Nexus is a special place for people to come together and find something special...and have an experience that they can treasure for the rest of their life.  "X" marks the spot!

How did this all come about?  Nexus probably actually began in the 1990's when a small group of very diverse people from various walks of life formed through a shared passion for sailing, cruising, good food and drink and telling tall tales from prior sailing adventures.  Along the way they shared some life lessons and experiences with each other and invariably solved all of the worlds social, economic, religious, and political issues through civil debate, the solutions to which could never be clearly remembered the next day and therefore were always open for further debate necessitating future cruises!   The owners have decades of combined professional and personal experience managing and skippering boats in charter and sharing their love for the water and sailing.  Taking turns offering evening cruises makes it possible for them to continue to share the beauty of Bellingham Bay and the joys of sailing with people from the area or visiting from far around the world. 

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